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Famous astrologer Astrology is not the ancient , modern but it is only related with the traditional science which depends on the condition of trust or faith .It is also said to be the technique or method or process through which we get benefit or advantage. Muslim Astrologer deduct tension or he solves complex or complicated problems into simple way meaning there by he convert or change hard problem into simple problem due to our mantra, tantra and yantra, in muslims we can say that DUA and the term DUA comes from the words of istikhara, wazifa, namaj, Roza etc because these are the elements of ingredients of DUA without these elements or ingredients there is no powers of DUA because DUA is a power or energy of human or people through which they capture or control of any things whether it is living things or nonliving things until even supers natural powers also.
Famous astrologer If our parents disagree with our decisions means they are against with our children on the basis of love or marriage that they want or favorable but our astrologer deduct or less this type of problem through our logical theory or theorem on the basis of Islamic mantra..
Famous astrologer In other words we can also say that DUA comes from the word of prayers and we also say that a group of prayers is called DUA. DUA gives our mind or brain on the base of positive think because if we get or acquire positive think then we contain or have merits and through which we are in success or we got got happiness or glad.
Famous astrologer In other moment or words we also says that Astrologer of Muslim decrease problems but not increase problems which are related from our living or existing life processes , he wants to shows future growth in the best quality and the word quality comes from the word qualification which means talim or knowledge of people or group of persons who are surviving in life phenomena .


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