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Muslim wazifa:- The Wazifa is that instrument or power and energy also through which we get advantageous life or better life than others life ,Wazifa is a very power or energetic process through which we solve any types of complex work or strategy ,Wazifa is also said to be Amal and lets explain what are these ,these are as follows.
Muslim wazifa:- From above we find three types of Amal or Wazifa ,and these are very important cheerful of Allah and when cheered Allah then our Allah listen very quickly or just and which are our desire then we obtained or achieved that desire in very easily way or manner , Amal or Wazifa are used in attending Namaj or after finishing Namaj also , these Wazifa or Amal go to them in paradise by directly way , these Amal or Wazifa safe from hell.
Muslim wazifa:- The main difference between Dua and wazifa is that Dua is not originate from the Quran whereas wazifa is originated from the Quran. Actually or really the meaning of Wazifa is employ or it shows the qualities of Allah. And as we know that there are 99 names of Allah in which some are as like these rahman ,rahim , malekoo, qudosoo, salamo, momino, mohamino,ajeejoo etc .


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