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Muslim istikhara:- Istikhara is that phenomena which is originated from the Quran that is said to be Aayat or Surah or Surat .When we begin or start any task then before the task started we use at first reading of istikhara then from this method we obtain result in good marks and we are in advantages because istikhara give me a massive power to solve any problems or any difficulty which are in simple way .
Muslim istikhara:- The Prophet Mohammad (Sallal Laho Alaihi Wasallam) , He used to teach us the way or how to utilize the istikhara , he said that the istikhara is the surah or surat of The Quran . He also said that before any job or work we attend two rakat namaj or prayer before , He said it is compulsory for women or men for any work or group of work we attend prayer before work do.
Muslim istikhara:- NOW , I give some idea ,how to prayers or namaj attend in namaj attending first of all we say Allah hooakbar then we bind both hand i.e rakat then we read sanah and then we read alham sarif and then we read surah any as for example surah ekhlas after finishing prayer or namaj we attend DUA from Allah.


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