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Love Dispute problem:- Love breaks on the basis of lack of trust and belief ,faith in which there is cultivating of misunderstanding and misbehavior between the couples for example husband and wife ,girlfriend and boyfriend ,father and mother . love is the definitely relation through which is the on the basis of trust and beliefs between the couples if there is creating of lack of trust and belief then love is to be broken.
Love Dispute problem:- According to Muslim Astrologer and Astroger said that if the husband and wife attend namaj or prayers per day and after attending namaj they haveto Dua from Allah and we know that our Allah is the supreme to all which are in the universe ,the sky and on the land or surface, Allah is very merciful and very polite than all which are present in the world and we know that Allah knows well about of any things whether it is living things and non living things for example human, animals , birds etc in livings and in non living things as table , chair , computers etc .Allah contains the massive power than all body or organism which are present on the land or on the planets of the Earth .


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